Chiltern Healthcare

Making an Impact with Compassionate Care


Expected Standards

Below are Standards our clients can expect from Chiltern Healthcare. These are standards from the Care Quality Commission (CQC):

Clients and/or someone acting on their behalf will be involved in discussions about care, treatment and support. Clients will get support if needed to help them make decisions and staff will respect their privacy and dignity. Before a client receives any examination, care, treatment or support, they will be asked whether or not they agree to it.

Clients’ personal needs will be assessed to make sure they get safe and appropriate care that supports their rights. Clients will get the care agreed and that care will make a difference to their health and well being. Clients’ care needs will be co-ordinated if they move from one care provider to another. Staff at Chiltern Healthcare will respect clients’ background, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion or belief and disability if they have one.

Clients will be protected from abuse or the risk of abuse and staff will respect their human rights. If clients are on medication they will get the medicines they need, when they need them and in a safe manner.

Clients will be cared for by staff who have the knowledge, skills and experience needed to meet their health and welfare needs. Clients will be looked after by staff who are well managed and have had the chance to develop and improve their skills

Our managers will continuously monitor the quality of our services to make sure our clients receive the support they need. Clients’ personal records will be accurate and kept safe and confidential. Clients and someone acting on their behalf can complain and will be listened to. Complaints will be dealt with promptly and properly.

Clients will have the right to practice their beliefs, religion or culture without constraint by restrictive or discriminatory practice. Complaints or discriminatory practice will be thoroughly investigated and the results of the investigation made known to the complainant. All complaints will be recorded in such a way as to highlight repeated problems.

Inappropriate behaviour is the systematic maltreatment, or physical, sexual, emotional or financial abuse of one person by another. At Chiltern Healthcare we are committed to preventing inappropriate behaviour and if our clients, their carers, friends or relatives have any concerns in this area, they should discuss this immediately with our staff. Call the office on 01908 373888 or Email:

Clients will have a regular review of their individual circumstances with Chiltern Healthcare.

Clients will be fully informed about the services provided by Chiltern Healthcare via our CLIENTS’ HANDBOOK.

Clients will be fully informed about their legal rights.

Clients will be fully informed about their medication needs and supported in making decisions in relation to medical treatment whenever possible. Medication Administration Charts (MAR) will be audited and monitored on a weekly basis to ensure safe administration of medicines.

Clients will be supported to maintain access to family, friends, facilities and the overall community if they wish so.

At Chiltern Healthcare we value our staff and no abuse or aggression will be tolerated by clients, family members or friends.